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ITECH Analyst Corp is a h1b sponsoring consultants company dedicated to offering help and information on H1B visa Sponsorship Processing. We have a team of IT experts and Lawyers who work tirelessly to make the H1B visa application and transfer process seamless for all our clients and prospect employees. As long an individual is qualified, we offer guidance on how to apply for a H1B visa and provide answers on requirements and the processes involved. We also go a step further and offer sponsorship for H1B work visa and visa transfers for qualified and experienced candidates with demanding technological skills.

There are many H1B consultants working with us and this number continues to grow every single day. Some of the reasons why more H1B consultants are choosing to work with us include;

H1B Visa Transfer Process

H1b Visa Transfer ConsultantsWe are the experts when it comes to H1B transfer filings. We have been doing this for over 9 years now and have amassed a wealth of experience in H1B visas and other employment based visas.

We comply with the H1B visa sponsorship regulations provided USCIS and USDOL. With us there is not cutting corners, the law has to be followed.

We have a huge client base that is continually growing. An H1B consultant is not only guaranteed of steady work, but also career growth over time.

All our processes are transparent. We hold a file that can be accessed publicly for every employee and we inform the H1B Transfer Process Steps as well. We also do internal audits for H1B documentation to ensure that everything is done in compliance with the law.

We offer the best IT service and work with reputable immigration lawyer. By working with us you will enjoy great support services and the best environment you need to work and prosper as a H1B consultant.

Below is an outline of the services we offer for current and prospective employees in regards to the H1B visa.

New H1B Visa

Every year we sponsor H1B work visas for competent individuals according to our clients’ requirements when the New H1B quota opens.

H1B Visa Sponsorship

We offer H1B work visa transfers from other employers to our company.

OPT and CPT Work Authorization

We also offer help for students looking for work authorization so as to do their internship or work after completing their studies in the US. For OPT and CPT candidates whose skills and experience matches the requirements of our clients, we offer H1B work visa sponsorship. This makes it easy for graduates to work legally in the US immediately after completing their studies.

Green Card (Permanent Residency) Sponsorship

We help employees go through the green card application process and ensure that their applications go through at the end of the day. We offer sponsorship for green cards for present and future employees. Since filing in the case of the green card depends on the qualification of an individual employee, we also offer guidance on category filing and either file under the EB2 or the EB3 category.

Our lawyers are always there to work with employees to ensure that they meet the green card eligibility requirements. The lawyers also offer help and guidance throughout the green card application process.

The goal is to ensure that H1B visa sponsorship application process and transfers for employers and employees is made easy for aspiring candidates. Contact US for more information

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H1b Visa Processing
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